J.U.G. GREENHOUSE GARDENS is a design and build landscaping company established by a landscape architect with 15 years of professional experience.

Our landscape design services include master planning for farm resorts, agri-tourism farms, eco-parks, retreat facilities, as well as landscape designs for subdivisions, schools, industrial and commercial buildings, residential gardens and playgrounds.

We also provide landscape installations such as ponds and water features, pergolas, fences and gates, walkways and decks, play equipment, sub-soil drainage systems, greenwalls and greenroofs. We also provide complete planting installations from grass and groundcovers to shrubs and trees. Aside from permanent installations, we also provide temporary installations such as event landscape decorations and plant rental services.

Mission and Vision

Based in Naga City, Bicol, Philippines, J.U.G. GREENHOUSE GARDENS aims to cater to local clients and to help solve landscape problems, improve and beautify the local landscape environment. JUG GREENHOUSE GARDENS also aims to facilitate the improvement of the local landscape industry through involvement with various trades, projects and developments. J.U.G. GREENHOUSE GARDENS seeks to serve the local community by offering affordable design services as a way to give back and pay forward the benefits that the landscape architect and owner enjoyed from being an alumna of the University of the Philippines.

GREENHOUSE GARDENS Organizational Chart


Landscape Architect



School Landscape

Industrial and Commercial Landscape

Park Landscape

Residential Garden

Greenwall and Greenroof Systems

Event Landscaping


STREETSCAPING The design of roadside landscaping through the use of appropriate trees and plants for the protection and comfort of pedestrian and road users
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SCHOOL LANDSCAPE The design of academic grounds and periphery using plants that are safe for children and especially designed to prevent tampering by kids.
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INDUSTRIAL & COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPE The design of outdoor spaces to enhance the building facade and also provide shade and comfort for users of the building.
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PARK LANDSCAPING The design of public recreation areas with path walks, jogging paths, seating areas and other necessary landscape elements to serve as a temporary retreat for local residents and every park user.
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RESIDENTIAL GARDEN The design of gardens on building walls, roofs and canopies known as Greenwall and Greenroof system. This is the latest in landscape design incorporated in new building plans, using a system of subsoil drains, water reservoirs, irrigation systems and pla
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EVENT LANDSCAPING The provision of temporary decors using landscaping materials for and during the course of the planned events.


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